Remembering the 18

Remembering the 18 who died in Sabah’s magnitude-6.1 earthquake, during their Mt. Kinabalu expedition, on 5 June 2015.




Blessed Ramadan

Wishing all Muslims a blessed Ramadhan.BlessedRamadhan-2016_30x30cm-WEB


Proboscis Monkey

This week’s Illustration Friday’s theme is nose. After scrolling the net for some ideas, I came up with this – proboscis monkey, a Borneo native, known for its unusually large nose.

Nose - Proboscis Monkey_30x30cm-WEB

From 18 to 21

So this came out in the news yesterday (2 June 2016) – Effective 1 December 2017, the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 21.



This is part of my Illustration Friday challenge (that I secretly participate) – and it’s also a  hot topic that transformed every Sabahan into an experienced beauty contest jury.


Unduk Ngadau 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Top 7 Unduk Ngadau contestants. There were a lot of controversies surrounding this year’s competition from the district level right up to the state level – but I am sure this is common in beauty pageants around the globe 🙂